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Nonchalant luxury. Cool sensuality.

about angela colville, voice actor

Angela Colville has a deep passion for a good story. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, this passion came from spending time in large cities, meeting people from all over the world and seeing firsthand that stories are what connect us as humans.

Colville actuates her storytelling zeal in her own life through her VO talent. Whether serious, sexy or fun, she captivates audiences and communicates even the smallest details important to the projects she is the voice of with confident, conversational, sultry and luxurious vocals.

Naturally raspy, Colville has expertly refined her sound over the years with a BA in communications from the University of California at Santa Barbara, work in radio, professional voiceover training in Chicago and continued coaching with renowned voiceover coaches. She also holds a master’s in social work from San Diego State University, further proving her remarkable ability to be a voice that unites people around a message. Colville is not only a natural talent—customer service is both her specialty and priority. You can count on her to provide a quick, excellent turnaround tailor made to your project’s needs.

Colville now lives and works in St. Petersburg, Florida where she maintains a professional home recording studio that allows her to produce the highest quality audio, both creatively and technologically. When she is not in the booth, she is probably trying to figure out the latest unsolved true crime on Netflix or playing with her mischievous pugs. Living in a sunny city with a diverse population and thriving entertainment scene, she has not lost sight of the human connection that piqued her interest growing up and influences her VO work today.

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